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Julia Faria Miracle Brow and Lash Rejuvenator


-Nutrient rich oils provide nutrition needed for growth
-Anti inflammatory properties heal follicle hair shaft
-Oil moisturizes hair creating soft thick healthy hair
-Contains horsetail extract – a known hair growth stimulator
-Massage gently into brows each evening for at least 8 weeks
-Remove mascara before applying to lashes

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How it Works

This product addresses both hair health and hair regrowth.

Hair stops growing for many reasons. If a hair follicle is dead, no chemical will bring it back to life. The most common reason hair stops growing is that nutrition can no longer reach the follicle. Usually it is blocked off by wax (thickening of oil from the oil gland). Wax will not dissolve in water but will dissolve in oils. Historically, ancients rubbed nutrient rich oils (extracted from plant seeds) into their brows to assist with regrowth. We now know more about how and why this worked.

Hair health is also important. An unhealthy, old hair turns brittle, and it becomes uncooperative. A brittle lash hair won’t curl and a brittle brow hair won’t lie flat (unless it is too long). What has happened? The oil gland at the hair root has stopped producing oil to coat and soften the hairs. The oil gland dries out over time. The oil rejuvenates the hairs, softening them almost immediately, leaving them nourished and cooperative.

With each rejuvenator purchased, we offer a free brochure that explains how the rejuvenator works. Our wholesale accounts who provide their customers with brochure are able to sell far more oil.

A typical case

What can go wrong

How the rejuvenator helps


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